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After method planning and construction, we produce prototype tools as well as series production tools with gripper and automation systems using the following manufacturing processes:

  • cold forming tools
  • hot forming tools
  • single tools
  • progressive tools
  • transfer tools

The difference between cold and hot formed components

Hot formed components require the blank or cold pre-formed component to be heated to approx. 900 degrees Celsius (press hardening) before forming. A distinction is made between direct and indirect processes.

The direct process is based on a blank. KIRCHHOFF Automotive has several systems in operation at different locations for this purpose. Most of the tool sets in use were manufactured in our Company's own tool shop.

In the indirect process, the cold pre-formed component obtains its required physical properties through the work step of press hardening.

Cold formed components are manufactured from a blank or a coil without the introduction of heat. The use of single, progressive or transfer tools is possible. The decision on the type of tool used depends on the component geometry, the production quantity and the available production requirements.

KICHHOFF Automotive has been practicing all of the above processes for many years.