More than 40 Years of Experience

New toolmaking in Attendorn makes an essential contribution to the further development and competitiveness of KIRCHHOFF Automotive. At our location in Attendorn, 56 employees currently produce tools with sizes up to 3,500 x 2,500 mm.

The tool pre-acceptance is carried out according to defined standards. The tools are checked on try-out or transfer presses. The dimensions of the tryout press are 5,000 x 2,500 mm. Due to the direct connection to the production of KIRCHHOFF Automotive we can test our tools on serial presses of all specifications.

In the area of mechanical production, our employees spend a total of 28,500 hours a year on milling, 17,000 hours on eroding and 22,500 hours on assembling new tools.

Facts & Figures

Tool sizes3,500 x 2,500 max.
Tryout Press5,000 x 2,500, 1600 t, upper and lower air


Mechanical manufacturing

Milling28,500 hours
Eroding17,000 hours
Assembly22,500 hours